First organisation to achieve ADISA certification in North America

Arrow Electronics has announced that its global Value Recovery business has achieved ADISA certification for secure asset recovery and data sanitisation services at 11 of its North America and European facilities.

Launched in 2010, ADISA, which stands for Asset Disposal & Information Security Alliance, is a collection of industry leaders focused on improving risk management during IT asset recovery. The ADISA industry certification provides businesses confidence that certified organisations operate to the highest industry standards and apply best practices for handling assets carrying sensitive data. The audit process to become ADISA certified is multi-layered and includes full audits by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Services) certified auditors, unannounced operational audits, unannounced forensic audits and is the first IT asset disposal specific standard recognised by the Defence Infosec Product Co-Operation Group (UK) (DIPCOG).

The Arrow Value Recovery business is part of a global network of processing facilities that is designed to provide customers with secure IT asset disposition solutions including brand protection, environmental stewardship, value recovery and most importantly, data security and sanitization for a wide range of electronic equipment. In all, 11 facilities have achieved ADISA certification, 5 in North America and 6 in Europe (United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, and France).

“In today’s news cycle of major data breaches by companies around the world, setting up systems designed to ensure data security is an important part of Arrow’s value proposition,” stated Mark Majeske, president, Arrow Global Reverse Logistics. “All electronic devices store sensitive data that must be protected.  It is critical that all data is properly protected and sanitised before devices are retired or reused, so no critical information is ever breached.  Having ADISA certification globally reinforces that Arrow has the processes and procedures designed to allow our customers achieve the highest level of data security and ultimate brand protection.”

“We are delighted to confirm that Arrow Value Recovery has now added their North American operations to the already certified European operations,” stated Steve Mellings, founder, Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance (ADISA). “The commitment and desire shown by the Arrow team is extremely commendable and their understanding of risk management within the recovery process is second to none.”

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