Finder’s solid state relay range is expanded

Finder’s 77 Series “single pole” solid state relays are now available in eight new versions, with a 30A current rating to complement the existing 5A models.

With distinct models for zero-voltage and instantaneous switch-on, the former is particularly suited for lighting control where zero-voltage switching can significantly reduce high inrush currents. Instantaneous switch-on provides near instant switching for high speed operation and simultaneous switching in multi-phase circuits, such as three phase motors.

The very high inrush current capability of 520A (10ms) ensures reliability over a long life in a wide range of applications, particularly the switching of lighting where power factor compensation and electronic ballasts have historically been problematic – but it is also ideal for the control of heating, solenoids and motors.

In 22.5mm housing incorporating the heat sink and designed for 35mm rail mounting, the relays are ideal for use in control panels and cabinets in industrial and commercial applications.

Capable of switching single phase motors up to 2.5kW or lamp loads up to 6000W, and with the benefit of silent, high speed switching, they lend themselves to use in a host of environments. Input voltages of 230Vac and 24Vdc.

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