FCI’s Printed Circuit Board signal and power Terminal Blocks available through TTI

Printed Circuit Board signal and power Terminal Blocks from FCI in pluggable and fixed configurations, as well as in various pitch and wire sizes are now available from TTI, Inc. The devices are available in vertical and right angle versions with pitch sizes from 2.5mm up to 19mm, a dual row pin count from 2 up to 24 and current ratings from 2A up to 125A.

Benefiting from FCI’s proven rising-cage-clamp contact system and spring-clamp-contact ensuring long service life and reliable connections, the Terminal Blocks are intended for demanding applications across the industrial, instrumentation and communication environments.

Further technical details include a locking flange feature and a latching feature to prevent miss-match. End-to-end stackable, the components are available for through mount soldering, Pin-in-Paste and surface mount.


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