Faster, clearer ReliGel range removes risk of failure on outdoor jointing cables

Electrical contractors can protect jointing cables in boxed enclosures even faster and more conveniently with the new range of ReliGel products from cable management specialist HellermannTyton.

The range comprises two new formulations, developed to meet the needs of contractors. With a faster curing time of 12 minutes, ReliGel Plus saves time – and reduces labour costs and power downtime – during installation. For complex enclosures where there is a need for improved visibility, ReliGel Plus uses a transparent formulation that is crystal clear when cured.

The silicone gels are especially suited to electrical installations in outdoor or hard-to-reach places, such as portable buildings, external lighting in streets or garden, and security equipment. Cable joint integrity is critical to long-term reliability and it is vital to protect the enclosures or terminal boxes that house the joints. This is particularly important where cable joints are located high on walls or in tunnels, where access may be limited once the original installation is completed.

Poor jointing can lead to unreliability or even failure, with the most common problem being nuisance tripping, caused by condensation, moisture, or the ingress of dust or insects. Long-term, these environmental factors can cause corrosion or overheating of connections. Another risk is joint fatigue caused by vibration, leading to the loosening of connections and premature failure.

“Such issues are inconvenient to homeowners and inefficient for industrial clients, resulting in downtime, unwanted extra cost and an impact on the reputation of the contractor who completed the installation,” explains Steve Slater from HellermannTyton.

“In-filled insulating gels are a tried and tested method to cushion the joint against vibration or environmental ingress. From speaking to contractors and end users, we know that time, cost and convenience are critical, so HellermannTyton has developed the latest ReliGel products to meet their needs for long-term durability, reduced maintenance and cost-savings on remedial work.

Both ReliGel Plus and ReliGel Clear offer working temperature ranges from -60ºC to +200ºC, making them very suitable for most domestic and industrial applications. Each easy-mix gel is available in a range of pack sizes from 0.5 to 10 litres and is supplied with a mixing jug and stirrer.

Once poured into the enclosure the gel flows around the connector and into the cable glands. After curing, it gives a flexible encapsulation of the joint that not only keeps out moisture, dust and insects, but also acts as a vibration damper that prevents damage from vibration caused by traffic or working machinery. The gel can be removed at a later date if modification or testing is required.

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