Fascia’s latest technology investments could see it double the size of its business…

After becoming the first manufacturer in the UK to invest in the Sakurai MS80-SD in 2012, Fascia Graphics, the market leader for the production of membrane keypads and graphic overlays, has invested in a second machine, which it feels will support its growth strategy to double the size of its business in just four years. The new technology will also provide both performance and energy efficiency improvements, which will also lead to a significant reduction in its carbon footprint.

The market leading firm has also signed up to GrowthAccelerator, a unique government backed service led by some of the UK’s most successful growth specialists. GrowthAccelerator will help provide a framework to build on this strategy, discover new routes to funding and investment, drive innovation, and harness the power of one of Fascia’s greatest assets; its people.

Growth Accelerator is Vince Cable’s pet business scheme which had 6,000 participants in 2012 – 85 per cent of which – said that their business grew more quickly as a result. Over three quarters also said that they had achieved outcomes that they couldn’t have achieved by themselves.

Fascia Graphics turns 20 years old this month, and this latest investment in technology is just another example of how it has always pushed the boundaries for investing in (and developing) market leading approaches and innovations. Fascia is now widely regarded as the market leader for the production of membrane keypads and graphic overlays in the printed graphics industry, and serves in excess of 800 customers. The company’s continued growth is a testimony to its ability to satisfy customers across many sectors such as medical, security, fire and instrumentation.

Paul Bennett, Managing Director, Fascia Graphics, commented:

“We are using our 20th anniversary as a springboard to really accelerate growth both domestically and internationally. We are the only manufacturer in our industry to invest so heavily in cutting edge production equipment which enables us to manufacture things faster, and to a higher quality, than any of our competitors.”

“Combining this technology with the expertise that GrowthAccelerator offers is a recipe for success, and a route to achieving our ambitions of doubling our size by 2018.”

Market Leading Quality

As a sign of its quality, Fascia is ISO 9001:2008 accredited. ISO is an international standard that gives requirements for an organisation’s Quality Management Systems (“QMS”). The company has also been accredited with the Underwriters Laboratories’ UL PGDQ2 status. The UL Mark is the most widely recognised safety certification mark in the world, and achieving this opened up a vast US market for UL approved graphic overlays and membrane keypads.  

Understanding its customers

Fascia regularly researches its customers to measure service levels and customer satisfaction and its most recent survey of its Top 500 customers found that; 90 per cent state that its membrane keypads and graphic overlays are superior in quality to its competitors with 96 per cent saying that its account managers are highly knowledgeable and professional.

More specifically, Dafydd Hughes, Supply Assurance Manager, AGD Systems Limited, commented on Fascia’s service: “In an increasingly competitive environment, we recognised that we wanted to work with a screen supplier that was willing to continuously improve its products and not stand still. Fascia fitted this mould by constantly challenging itself to improve its quality, cost and delivery.”

Taking a value engineered approach.

Fascia’s Value Engineered Review (FVER), identifies cost cutting exercises across its customer base and has realised savings of between five and 20 per cent for those in the company’s supply chain. By using its technical knowledge, the company is able to make suggestions about materials, adhesives and specification of parts, to ensure customers receive the most cost efficient and high-quality product possible.

Ivan Harris, Chief Marketing Officer of PowerOasis commented: “It was crucial that we embodied our brand into the design and stand out from the other units on the market. The general design was undertaken by our graphic design company, and then converted into engineering drawings by Fascia Graphics.”

“Fascia are highly responsive, collaborative and professional. They have helped us identify the most appropriate materials for our membranes and have accommodated an engaging approach to turning our requirements into a finished product. They have always been transparent on their costs and have helped us arrive at a lower cost solution in some cases by helping us trade off requirements. The quality of the shipped items have been exemplary.”

To speak to Fascia’s highly experienced team about either product cost saving solutions, or its unique and market leading approach to manufacturing call 01249 460606 or email sales@fasciagraphics.co.uk

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