Farnell shipping new Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy module from Panasonic

Farnell, the Development Distributor, is now shipping the PAN1780 Bluetooth® Low Energy Module from Panasonic, a Bluetooth® 5.0 Low Energy (LE) module based on the Nordic nRF52840 single chip controller.

Farnell are also the only high service distributor to hold this module in stock in Europe, with orders despatched the same day.

The compact module, which measures just 15.6 mm x 8.7 mm x 2 mm, uses Bluetooth 5.0 with the qualified Bluetooth® mesh profile stack, and is ideal for IoT devices within smart city infrastructure, industrial mesh networks or robotics within Industry 4.0 environments:

  • The Cortex® M4F processor, 256 kB RAM and build-in 1 MB flash memory eliminate the need for an external processor saving complexity, space, and cost
  • Ultra-low current consumption makes the module ideal for battery powered devices
  • Output power of up to 8 dBm and the high sensitivity of the nRF52840 in combination with the LE coded PHY support applications where a long range is required
  • A rich set of security features from the ARM TrustZone CryptoCell 310 security subsystem enable secure device operation ideal for smart health and secure medical peripherals, or edge computing.

The Bluetooth® 5.0 enables a higher symbol rate of 2 Mbps via the high-speed LE 2M PHY with significantly longer range possible using the LE coded PHY at 500 kb/s or 125 kb/s. In addition, new LE advertising extensions allow for much larger amounts of data to be broadcasted in connectionless scenarios. The PAN1780 also supports Type 2 Near Field Communication (NFC-A) for use in simplified pairing and payment solutions (external antenna required).

The module has an operating temperature range of -40°C up to 85°C and also benefits from a built-in temperature sensor.

The Panasonic PAN1780 Bluetooth® Low Energy Module is available from Farnell in Europe, element14 in APAC and Newark in North America.

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