Farnell now shipping Advanced Energy’s Excelsys power supplies

Farnell, an Avnet Company and global distributor of electronic components, products and solutions, is now stocking Advanced Energy’s Excelsys range of low voltage power supplies. The modular and configurable power supplies support a wide variety of premium engineering applications that require high performance and extreme reliability solutions. The Excelsys product range is said to simplify system integration to enable rapid design and reduce time to market.

According to Farnell, Advanced Energy’s high efficiency power supplies offer extreme reliability and a high-power density which is suitable for mission critical applications. The power supplies can be designed into medical equipment including clinical diagnostic and dialysis equipment, medical lasers, radiological imaging and clinical chemistry. Other industrial uses include test and measurement, industrial machines, automation and audio equipment, printing and telecommunications. Convection-cooled models that do not require fan cooling are available to suit acoustically sensitive laboratory and medical environments as well as broadcast, radar and communication applications.

Simon Meadmore, head, IP&E, at Farnell said: “The Excelsys product range from Advanced Energy is a great addition to our power portfolio. Their market leading technology offers system designers best-in-class efficiency and reliability with the widest range of voltage and current options available from off the shelf products. Customers can configure Excelsys modular power supplies to their exact requirements, eliminating the need for costly and time consuming custom designs, bringing their products to market much faster.”




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