Farnell element14 ships new MathWorks “Learn to Program” packs for Raspberry Pi3, Arduino Uno and BeagleBone Black

Farnell element14 is now stocking three new editions of the popular MathWorks Learn to Program pack, for the Raspberry Pi3, Arduino Uno and BeagleBone Black. The packs provide access to all the necessary hardware and software to get started including the board and MATLAB and Simulink Student Suite. 


The MathWorks Learn to Program pack enables students and professionals to:

·      Read and write sensor data from hardware and analyse it using pre-built functions for signal processing, machine learning, image processing, and more

·      Develop algorithms using an intuitive block diagram environment and run them standalone on hardware 

·      Simulate algorithms and overall system behaviors, and interactively tune and optimise parameters as the algorithm runs on the hardware


The MATLAB and Simulink Student Suite is comprised of MATLAB, Simulink and 10 add-on products that can be used for applications related to controls, signal analysis, test, measurements and more. The pack also includes a Quick Start Guide to help users get building something fun straight away – from a temperature display to a face detection system.


MathWorks Learn to Program pack allow students to build hardware projects using the same tools engineers and scientists use every day.


MathWorks Learn to Program packs are available from Farnell element14 in Europe and Newark element14 in the United States.



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