Fairchild Semiconductor’s 650 V green mode buck switches offer system design scalability

Fairchild Semiconductor has unveiled the FSL306 and FSL336, 650 V Green Mode AC Buck Switches which are intended for home appliance, industrial motor and smart meter applications that require solutions offering low standby power in order to achieve energy efficiency for the end user. They have also been designed to meet the need for power scalability in order to increase the power rating of a device for additional system functionality while simplifying designs.

These new devices offer burst-mode operation with the low available operating current (250 µA) that helps to reduce standby mode power consumption for increased energy efficiency. Power scalability from 0.5 W to 3 W (FSL306) through the adjustable current limit pin helps simplify designs and reduce design time.

The FSL306 and FSL336 provide higher reliability through rich protection features, such as a Safe Auto Restart Mode. After a fault condition, the switch waits 650 ms before restarting. This feature reduces the stress on the system during a long-term fault, improving system reliability.

These devices also combine a PWM controller and a discrete MOSFET in a single package. A high-voltage regulator enables operation without the need for an auxiliary bias winding. Using a built-in error amplifier, the FSL306 and FSL336 provide direct feedback without a shunt regulator. This helps to reduce the overall bill of material cost while saving board space.

“Our customers are searching for higher power for their designs because of the added smart functionality and relay functions in their systems,” explained JaeKuk Ryu, Fairchild’s Home Appliance and Industrial Power Product Line Marketing Manager.


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