Extending the Lifecycle of Standard Logic Devices

Rochester Electronics provides a broad range of 100% supplier authorised devices

Standard Logic devices have been part of electronic design since the early days of the industry. Through the evolution of Bipolar and CMOS technologies and with constant improvement in the package options, Standard Logic has remained a staple in many designs. With this wide adoption and with current market conditions, the availability on some Standard Logic devices is experiencing extended lead-times. Rochester Electronics which is known for supporting extended lifecycle products is also in a unique position to assist on long lead-time products. Through our partnership with key suppliers, Rochester is able to offer a broad range of 100% supplier authorised devices.

Our partnership on Standard Logic devices includes some of the top suppliers in the market; ON Semiconductor, Texas Instruments, and Nexperia. Our inventory covers over 5,000-part numbers and over 90 million devices with wafer/die to build additional devices as needed. Our product offering ranges from basic logic gates, combinatorial functions, counters, adders, and more. Many of the standard 5400/7400 logic family types such as LS/ALS/AS, AC/ACT, ABT, FCT, and others are well represented in the inventory.

In addition to the basic logic products, there are a number of registered-based logic devices. These find use as bus interfaces for processors and peripherals providing buffering and logic level translation. Many are available in high I/O count packages supporting 16/18-Bit and 32/36-Bit interfaces.

Package option is another concern when sourcing Standard Logic devices. Within Rochester’s inventory, there is a full range of packages including DIP, PLCC, SOIC, QFP, PGA, BGA, and others. Plastic and ceramic packages are available supporting commercial, industrial, and military temperature ranges.

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