Exclusive to Display Technology, fire loaded optimised monitors with touch

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Our BLO monitors comply with the highest European fire resistance class A1 according to DIN EN13501-1

Displays are more common than ever and are now typically seen in public buildings displaying a wide range of content. Displays are frequently placed in areas that are critical in an emergency fire evacuation.

We developed the first fire loaded monitor in 2015, since then the research and development has been concentrated allowing us to design and manufacture a fire load optimised monitor with touch.

So far, touch solutions have not been possible with fire-protected monitors. The main reason for this was the fire protection glass, which, due to its special shielding structure, prevents the PCAP touch sensor from functioning correctly. Even with monitor solutions with fire protection housing, the use of a touch screen is not possible due to the design.

Thanks to the close cooperation with our glass partners, we have succeeded in developing a solution that brings PCAP touch and fire protection glass together.

Our Fireload optimised monitors will contribute little to nothing to a fire with minimal smoke contribution and no burning droplets.

Integrated thermal protection is included in the form of a thermally activated novec gas cylinder that will release a non-combustible fire suppressant internally should the temperature inside the monitor reach hazardous levels.

Making us the first supplier to offer an independent fire protection monitor with PCAP-Touch in sizes from 24.0″ to 54.6″.

The Fire Test

The BLO-Line with integrated touch was of course subjected to a fire test and certified with fire protection class A1.

According to the DIN EN13823 the fire behaviour is evaluated in three criteria:

  1. Fire Load
  2. Development of smoke gas
  3. Burning dripping

After the test:

  • The BLO monitor still works
  • Monitor is considered non-combustible
  • Special liquid that distinguishes the fire became visible in cracked glass

We guarantee our customers the maximum level of safety and prove the fire protection class with a certificate which is enclosed with every monitor.

Initially available for the screen diagonals 24.0 “to 54.6” this feature will be extended to the complete series in the medium term.

Sheet steel housing and heat resistant glass are included as standard. Options for embedded pc are also available.

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