Exclusive deal with JJ Micro gives Transonics access to wide range of Triacs & Thyristors

One million parts in stock; cost-effective, high quality equivalents to STMicro and NXP (WeEn)

Following the signing of an exclusive deal with JJ Micro, the Chinese producer of discrete and power semiconductors, Transonics, the ethical distributor that has built a reputation for providing a wide range of value-added services tailored for individual customers, is now holding one million triacs and thyristors in stock at its UK warehouse. Many of these parts are drop-in replacements for leading brands such as STMicro and NXP (WeEN Semiconductor).

Transonics’ extensive UK inventory includes JJ Micro’s internally-isolated tab Triacs ranging from mAs up to 40A, with sensitive data recurring currents. JJ Micro’s range of Triacs extends to 1400V and products – where not held in stock – are available on a 6-8 week lead time as opposed to 20 weeks plus.

Comments Daniel French, MD at Transonics: “JJ Micro is the third largest manufacturer of Triacs in the world – the largest in China – and fully-approved to international quality standards. So with products from established brand names on variable leadtimes, finally, there is a credible, qualified alternative available.”

Also available from JJ Micro and in stock at Transonics are diodes, MOSFETs, protection devices, thyristors and transistors.

About Transonics

Transonics PLC, established in 1976, is a leading, family run, franchised provider of domestic and international electronic component supply and design solutions. We have developed our core business of component distribution by acquisition and developing strategic partnerships, whilst delivering consistent quality and an ever-growing range of technology solutions and value added services.

Transonics PLC operates from three locations in the UK, with our head office based in Hemel Hempstead. We also have offices in Italy and China. The Transonics Group includes Transonics PLC, Transonics (Asia), Transonics SRL and Lewmax Programming Ltd and are part of Castello Holding Company Ltd. Transonics PLC holds 100 million devices across 13,000 product lines at our warehouse located in Leicester, UK to service our customers globally.

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