Evolving LCD technology

KOE”s goal is to evolve and develop LCD technology to produce cost effective display solutions, improve LCD optical design, use new and compatible technologies to enhance mature products and introduce high reliability modules for industrial applications. With an established knowledge and experience of LCD design and development, KOE is enabling new LCD technologies to migrate to highly featured display modules.

TFT Displays for Extreme Environmental Conditions

KOE’s Rugged+ display modules are intended for use in demanding industrial and harsh environmental conditions. Rugged+ modules have been designed to provide reliable and consistent operation under the severe and rigorous conditions found in industrial and high reliability applications while still providing exceptional optical performance.

The entire range of Rugged+ displays feature high brightness, long-life LED backlights and an operating temperature range of -30°C and +80°C

KOE’s Rugged+ TFT displays are targeted for use in high reliability industrial, medical, marine, automotive and aerospace applications where consistent and guaranteed operation under extreme temperature, mechanical shock and vibration is a necessity.

Key features of KOE Rugged+ displays

  • Strong optical performance
  • Highly resistant to ESD, mechanical shock and vibration
  • Wide operating temperature range -30°C to +80°C

TFT Displays for Exceptional Optical Performance

KOE IPS TFT displays provide exceptional colour saturation and stability with high contrast ratios at 176° vertical and horizontal viewing angles. Enhanced black levels combined with enhanced cell transmittance enable contrast ratios of over 1000:1.

Over 20 years, IPS has developed and evolved with Advanced-Super IPS, IPS Pro and most recently IPS NP (New Process). IPS NP has a much higher and more stable image performance over viewing angle than any other TFT technology. KOE is continuing to develop IPS technology to ensure the best wide viewing angle TFT display solution.

KOE’s Rugged+ displays featuring IPS technology offer a highly effective ‘performance versus cost’ display solution when compared with traditional TN (twisted nematic) TFT display modules. Industrial and high reliability markets can  benefit from the features of in-plane switching technology through the wide availability of KOE IPS displays.

Rugged+ displays with IPS should be considered for systems and applications where display performance, image reproduction and mechanical integrity cannot be compromised in the user environment.

Key features of KOE IPS displays

  • Class leading optical performance
  • Exceptional colour stability and saturation
  • 176° wide viewing angle

KOE Rugged+ displays featuring IPS





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