EVERLIGHT introduces an ultra-thin 940nm IR LED

EVERLIGHT Electronics has introduced an ultra-thin 940nm top-view infrared LED IR92-01C/L491/2R in a miniature MIDLED package. This small SMD device has been developed for applications where high power output, narrow beam angle or available space is of concern.

The 940nm IR topled comes in a small 2mm x 1.4mm MIDLED package with a thickness of just 0.7mm. This makes it a perfect match for all kinds of space-constrained end products like tablets, smart phones and the like.

Along with a low forward voltage of 1.3 V at 20mA, a high output power of 25mW/sr at 70mA and a narrow viewing angle of 45°for even higher output intensity without lens, the IR92-01C Series is suited for IR data transmission applications of any kind. These are remote controls, proximity and optical touch sensors, night-vision cameras or high-tech touch panels.

Other applications include light curtains or barriers, turbidity sensors and coin counters.

The IR92-01C Series in a MIDLED package is Pb-free, halogen-free and RoHS compliant.



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