Everlight expands 5630 mid-power LED portfolio for light bar and bulb retrofits

Everlight Electronics has introduced a new ultra-thin 5630D mid power LED series (part number 62-217D) that is especially suited for LED light bars, standard and omni-directional LED light bulbs and LED high power bulbs.

The 62-217D is a standard 5630 package in a 0.5W (150mA) version for 40/60W bulb retrofits and a 0.2W (60mA) version that is suited for light bars. Both white top-view LEDs are compact and ultra-thin and available across a complete ANSI CCT range of 2700K (warm white) to 6500K (cool white). These mid-power LEDs offer a CRI of min. 80Ra and a lumens output of 50lm (WW) and 55lm (CW). The cool white 0.5W version is offered up to 9000K CCT and achieves an efficiency of 115lm/W at 5700K.

The lighting industry is increasingly dependent on high cost versus performance packages which provide a mix of performance, stable reliability, and dependable lead times. Everlight believes it has been able to leverage many years of production expertise and cost competitiveness in SMD LED manufacturing for consumer handheld products into low to mid power Lighting LED products resulting in the 62-217D (5630D) package.

The 62-217D (5630D) LED has a capacity of more than 200 million pieces per month. This high capacity and throughput allow for strong cost competitiveness, consistent availability and short lead times. The 62-217D (5630D) series is Pb-free, RoHS compliant, matches ANSI binning and is currently undergoing LM80 testing to demonstrate its stable lumen maintenance (already tested successfully to 3,000 hours).



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