Essentra Components create interactive online hub for Industry 1.0 to 4.0

Industry 4.0 has been a popular topic since the term was first coined. There have been many conversations over the years around connected devices, IoT and how all these contributing factors help make up the latest industrial revolution. However, although the future of Industry 4.0 continues to be discussed across the globe, it is also important to examine how far industries such as engineering, manufacturing and production have come, particularly as suppliers, engineers and companies look ahead to how they can better prepare for the impact that Industry 4.0 will continue to have.

With this in mind, Essentra Components, a global specialist in plastic components and packaging products, has created an interactive online hub that features a wide range of information and insights around Industry 1.0 to 3.0 as well as predictions from leading industry experts on the future of Industry 4.0. The online hub, which launched today, also explores popular questions with answers from both academic and industry experts, graphics that highlight relevant stats for Industry 1.0 to 4.0 and a dedicated section for expert predictions on how Industry 4.0 will revolutionise existing and future technologies.

Here are details on the experts featured within the new Essentra hub:

  • Ed Fagan, operations manager from the London Museum of Water and Steam, shares his thoughts on how steam power and Industry 1.0 significantly changed mechanisation.
  • Dr James Wilson, senior lecturer at the University of Glasgow, offers insight into how the assembly line and Henry Ford paved the way for automation.
  • Scott Fawcett, divisional managing director, Essentra Components discusses the impact Industry 3.0 had on the company’s manufacturing processes.
  • Dr Carl Diver, lecturer at the University of Manchester, explains how businesses can better prepare for Industry 4.0 and the challenges that the manufacturing industry currently face.

In addition to the above experts, we also asked Matthias Breunig, partner at McKinsey and Co Hamburg, and Christina Patsioura, IoT Research Analyst at Beecham Research LTD, to share their predictions for Industry 4.0.

The new online Industry 4.0 hub can be found here:

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