ERG Smart Force provides optimum performance for LED backlights

Ginsbury, the display specialist, is making available a family of LED backlight driver solutions from ERG (Endicott Research Group) the LCD power solutions provider. The new ERG Smart Force LED solutions are designed to provide high efficiency and cost effective control of LED backlight units used in LCD display panels.

With a new generation high-brightness LEDs now providing a significant leap in brightness, as well as increased durability, enhanced reliability, lower power consumption, better dimming and operation over a wider temperature range new challenges for the power supply driving the LED backlight unit have been created.

Steve Varley, Product Manager, Ginsbury explained, “The use of LEDs in LCD backlights has grown rapidly from small LCD panels to applications across the entire range of LCD module sizes. Ensuring optimum performance from LED backlights can require a full-function power supply. ERG Smart Force LED Driver Boards are designed to account for changes in operating temperature and hence ensure that LED voltage and supply current are accurately regulated. This negates the need, and extra cost, for a separate boost circuit to be designed.”

ERG have introduced three versions of the Smart Force LED driver:

SFDZ series – The SFDZ driver board is designed for use with 24-inch LCDs and supplies a maximum current of 180mA for driving LED backlights. These drivers offer an output of up to 40W that can power up to eight LED backlight circuits. Features include open and short circuit protection, over-voltage protection, under-voltage lockout, onboard and external PWM dimming ratio of 255:1, and an adaptive string voltage of up to 50V. The SFDZ driver has mechanical outline dimensions of 127mm (w) x 34.3mm (d) x 12mm (h).

SFDQ series -The SFDQ is suitable for use with 27-inch LCDs and can supply up to 140mA for LED backlights. The SFDQ offers an input voltage of 12V, full brightness and enable control, an external and onboard PWM dimming of 255:1, and up to 30W output to power up to 4 LED circuits. The SFDQ driver has dimensions of 127mm (w) x 34.3mm (d) x 14mm (h) and features open and short circuit protection, over-voltage protection and up to 70V adaptive string voltage.

SFDT series -The SFDT driver supports up to 12 discrete LED circuits with an input voltage of 12V and onboard and external PWM dimming ratio to 255:1. The SFDT driver is suitable for use with up to 27-inch LED backlit LCD panels.

Designed and manufactured in the USA, the ERG Smart Force plug-and-play LED driver modules are suitable for use in process control, test and measurement, digital signage, gaming and medical equipment and are available from Ginsbury immediately.


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