Enterprises Start to use Cloud Services and Foreign Trade Platforms as a Mechanism to avoid Business Closure during the Epidemic

Enterprises are strengthening their workplace against the effects of the novel coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak, by making more use of online services such as telecommuting, conference calls, online learning, instant messaging and other popular online solutions. When doing business with an external third party, enterprises rely heavily on cross-border, e-commerce or foreign trade platforms to stabilize their performance and even turn crisis into opportunities to seek new commercial possibilities.

Most enterprises have the capability to have remote workers and virtual offices through using cloud services such as telecommuting, conference calls, team cooperation to maintain normal operation during the epidemic prevention period, and to enable employees who are quarantined at home, or apply to work at home to communicate smoothly. It can effectively reduce the psychological stress of employees and ensure operational efficiency.

The impact of the novel coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak on the economy could be equal to the financial crisis in 2008, but many experts believe that the epidemic situation will also create new opportunities for some industries. The demand for collaboration platforms, cloud computing, robotics, artificial intelligence, big data, and goods and materials for epidemic prevention may increase. For example, many enterprises have started to work from home (Work From Home), which could accelerate popularity of telecommuting, especially if traditional industries or SMEs seize the chance to train employees to get used to telecommuting, and making good use of cloud collaboration tools in order to avoid business shut down, or causing greater economic impact.

However, to solve difficult orders, difficult performance, poor international logistics, or other external problems, enterprises need to rely on foreign trade platforms such as Global Sources – through a complete digital foreign trade website, companies can find orders from overseas buyers.

Global Sources which is a professional B2B trading platform combines professional offline exhibition experience to combat the problems of indefinite network information, continuous network fraud, and information fragmentation, in order to provide buyers and sellers a smooth combination of online-to-offline professional trading platform and create integrated O2O services. Among services, the Global Sources Online (GSOL) platform, which is awarded the most trusted in suppliers and buyers, breaks away from time and geography, allowing buyers and suppliers to trade online anytime, anywhere.

It is worth mentioning that Global Sources provides the unique “Verified Supplier” status for secure procurement. To ensure that suppliers are legal and entity business units, all suppliers’ business licenses and business scope are verified by the third-party audit reports. Meanwhile, Global Sources co-operates with internationally well-known manufacturers to provide evaluation information of the supplier’s production equipment, production capacity, product quality, and other capabilities for buyers. This allows suppliers and manufacturers to display their professional and reliable corporate image to buyers to win their trust quickly.

With more than 1.5 million international users, including more than 90% of the top 100 retailers in the world and the super sellers on the Amazon website who use Global Sources services for efficient purchase. Global Sources selects “Active Buyers” who have used at least one Global Sources service (including Global Sources Exhibitions, Global Sources Website, Magazines, and Product Alert) in the past 12 months through different channels of search engine optimization and promotion, email promotion, website promotion, and third-party exhibition to call for global buyers. Moreover, Global Sources creates a premium buyer community by selecting “Top Buyers” who pre-registered or participated in Global Sources Exhibitions, or subscribed to Global Sources Magazines.

During this difficult novel coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak period, instead of stopping the purchase movement, buyers contacted the mainland suppliers in advance through the Internet, which led to a considerable increase in the number of consultations in January 2020. Global Sources also invited industry experts to conduct a live webcast on “How Foreign Traders Can Cope with the Epidemic“, teaching supply chain management and online promotion skills to more than 10,000 enterprise managers, enhancing the competitiveness of suppliers, and hoping to infuse new energy into the global foreign trade talents and business activities.


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