EnOcean Alliance to exhibit at Nordbygg 2018: maintenance-free sensor solutions for smart buildings

At the Nordbygg 2018 (Stockholm, April 10-13, 2018), the EnOcean Alliance as well as three of its members will present energy harvesting wireless solutions for building automation and the smart home. At the joint EnOcean Alliance booth A39:13, the member companies Dolphin by EnOcean, Honeywell PEHA and Omnio (AWAG) will demonstrate how their solutions help optimise the utilisation of buildings and make buildings more flexible, energy-efficient and altogether more cost-effective. Self-powered switches and sensors based on EnOcean technology offer flexibility in terms of positioning, can be expanded at any time and are maintenance-free. In addition, the EnOcean Alliance also offers the advantages of an extensive and established ecosystem of interoperable energy harvesting wireless sensor solutions that are available to intelligent buildings worldwide. In conjunction with cloud-based platforms such as IBM Watson IoT or Apple HomeKit, generated data can be used for intelligent device and building control, for example, to optimise facility management, but also to realise completely new services in the area of building use. These solutions will facilitate shaping the future of intelligent buildings worldwide.

For existing properties and new builds, flexible automation and control technology is mandatory to make buildings more energy-efficient, whilst increasing comfort and security at the same time. Breaking down the barriers of isolated applications, the interoperable EnOcean Alliance ecosystem of more than 400 member companies and over 1,500 products offer integrated systems that connect several building applications and control them depending on the current situation. All solutions are based on EnOcean wireless standard (ISO/IEC 14543-3-1X). They power communications by collecting energy from the surroundings such as motion, indoor light and temperature differentials. This enables highly flexible and maintenance-free sensor solutions for building automation, smart home and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

Maintenance-free sensor solutions based on the EnOcean wireless standard

At booth A39:13, the EnOcean Alliance and three of its member companies will demonstrate maintenance-free sensor solutions for building automation and smart homes:

Dolphin by EnOcean is the EnOcean product family that consists of modules and components for energy harvesting wireless technology, and that allows product manufacturers to develop reliable and maintenance-free wireless sensor solutions for global use in building automation, smart homes, LED light control and industrial applications. EnOcean-based sensor solutions facilitate to generate reliable sensor data for intelligent buildings and the Internet of Things (IoT). With its extensive range of wireless modules, end products for product manufacturers and advisory services for building automation, EnOcean is the ideal partner for self-powered sensor solutions.

Honeywell PEHA has been significantly shaping modern electrical installation for over 90 years and stands for a high-quality full range that can offer everything to professionals and users. Energy savings, safety gains and comfort for private homes, hotels, office buildings or hospitals are in the foreground. From attractive switch ranges to versatile, future-proof building system technology and innovative wireless solutions to intelligent lighting management – all installation solutions from Honeywell PEHA are characterised by their intuitive operating convenience, their easy commissioning and their high degree of flexibility in installation and application, wired or wireless. Through the interplay of straightforward design, easy-care materials and high-quality technology, the products are suitable for a wide variety of applications. For individual solutions, Honeywell PEHA also provides advice and customer-specific developments as a professional partner. Honeywell PEHA is part of Honeywell Haustechnik, which stands for a wide range of products, from heating technology solutions to water installations and electrical solutions.

The wireless Omnio bus system by AWAG Elektrotechnik AG facilitates controlling the lighting, shading and heating areas in the entire building in the simplest way. The system does not require a central control unit and is therefore extremely robust, flexible and expandable. The battery-free sensors and actuators are based on the proven energy harvesting technology and use the EnOcean wireless standard for transmission. Due to their wide range of functions, the Omnio REG actuators cover an enormous application spectrum. They are used as a cost-effective alternative to wired bus systems, such as KNX, wherever all loads in the control cabinet are wired, for example in commercial buildings, single family homes/apartment buildings as well as condominiums and rented apartments. In the event of reduced radio reception in the control cabinet, the radio range can be extended bidirectionally via wired outstations, even over many floors. Thanks to the innovative ARCO technology, users can configurate the actuators manually or wirelessly with ease, using the “E-Tool” software, or they can purchase a preconfigured solution.

EnOcean Alliance connects building automation with the IoT

Thanks to the comprehensive and interoperable ecosystem of maintenance-free wireless sensor solutions based on the EnOcean wireless standard, the EnOcean Alliance combines intelligent buildings with the Internet of Things. This enables new applications in building automation such as intelligent asset management, predictive maintenance as well as ambient assisted living (AAL) and insurance projects.

Through the partnership with the organisation Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) and IBM, the EnOcean Alliance has significantly strengthened its program for building automation and the Internet of Things. Together, they will provide sensor information in the cloud and develop self-powered wireless solutions as open standard for maintenance-free solutions to be used in cognitive buildings and to build an interoperable network beyond the boundaries of one’s own eco-system.

In conjunction with IBM’s Watson IoT Platform, a fully managed, cloud-hosted service, and the Smart EnOcean Gateway from Digital Concepts, self-powered EnOcean-based sensors enable maintenance-free solutions for Real Estate Management to increase operational, financial and environmental performance of facilities. Standardised sensor profiles help ensure the interoperability of more than 1,500 products from the EnOcean ecosystem, making it possible to develop interoperable system solutions. These solutions can be used in asset management, ambient assisted living projects, insurance or hotel and campus projects, giving maintenance-free wireless switches and sensors based on EnOcean technology.


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