Enhanced liquid explosive scanner passes ECAC Standard 2 for use at airport security

EMISENS has announced that an enhanced version of its liquid identification system – EMILI TS – has achieved the ECAC (European Civil Aviation Conference) Performance Standard 2 industry benchmark for liquid explosive detection systems. Testing was carried out by an independent laboratory under ECAC’s common evaluation process.

Developed by Link Microtek, the industrial partner of EMISENS in the UK, the EMILI TS unit can identify the contents of an unopened bottle in as little as a second and is believed to be the fastest liquid scanner of its type currently available.

The scanner employs patented multimode microwave near-field sensor technology to distinguish different liquids according to their dielectric permittivity, molecular relaxation and ionic conductivity. This technology is augmented by a weight sensor, which is brought into play for certain items when the primary detection method proves inconclusive.

EMILI TS works with plastic, glass and ceramic bottles – clear or opaque – and is extremely easy to operate. The unopened bottle is simply placed on the scanner, and the screen immediately indicates whether the contents are harmless or a threat such as liquid explosives or their precursors. In instances where the weight needs to be checked as well, the operator merely has to select the type and size of container from a touch-screen menu to complete the process. Existing users of the original EMILI 2 model can purchase an upgrade to add the EMILI TS weight sensor.

With its exceptionally fast speed of operation, the scanner enables high throughput, minimising the impact on passengers, and so is suitable as the front-end detection device at security checkpoints.



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