Engaged employees as a cornerstone for business success

The knowledge economy is flourishing, with more businesses moving online and developing high-skilled products. This also means that employees are more important than ever.

If you want to build the best application, you need to attract the best talent. Offering a decent salary is one thing, but employees also need to feel connected and happy at work. If not, the turnover of your employees will be high, and this will have a negative effect on your productivity. Onboarding new employees are time-intensive, and a knowledge drain can result in serious difficulties. How to make sure that people feel good at work?

The simple answer to a productive workforce

The answer is simple: employee engagement. This is a term used to refer to both formal and informal engagement of your employees at work. The formal aspect refers to the alignment with the organisation. Does the employee feel connected with what the organisation stands for? What about the purpose and objectives? Organisations should think hard about these items, not only for their shareholders but also for their employees. With a clear purpose, people are happier to work for the cause and more importantly, it is easier to attract top-rank talent.

Informal aspect of engagement

Next to the formal aspects, it is important to think about informal topics as well. This refers to the interaction with team members, how the employee generally feels, and their holistic situation. Are they having a good situation at home? Can they easily connect with other employees and managers? These are all indicators of engagement that can determine if an employee feels good.

How to discover how employees feel about the organisation

If we know that employee engagement comes with formal and informal aspects, how can we discover them? Sometimes it can be as easy as having a chat between a manager and an employee. See where their pain points are, and how to overcome them. However, on a broader scale, it makes sense to collect consistent data. This is often done through a survey. With this survey, you can collect data and also gain insights from them.

Leverage dedicated tooling

There is a lot of employee engagement tooling out there that can be leveraged. The upside of using a tool is the experience that is embedded in it. Since these firms have lots of experience, they can share key blockers and other insights, and in turn, provide recommended actions to take. This can then be tracked to see if it has the desired effect. If not, you can move in a different direction. These insights, trackers, and recommendations form a solid foundation for your initiative.

One of the leading firms in engagement tooling is https://www.effectory.com/. This company is helping organisations across industries, allowing them to understand the complexities of the industry. With their templates and tools, you can kickstart your engagement in no time. What are you waiting for? Get connected with your employees and build the company of the future!

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