Endfire 2x15W Bluetooth stereo reference platform speeds time to market

HiWave Technologies, a developer of audio amplifier ICs, full frequency range speaker drivers and haptic touch devices, has announced Endfire, a new and highly efficient wireless stereo speaker reference platform that is capable of delivering 100 hours of high-quality audio playback at typical listening levels.

Endfire uses Bluetooth to pair with tablet PCs, smartphones and laptops and outputs 30W audio from its two full frequency range, wide-dispersion HiBM36S12-8 BMR speakers. These are combined with HiWave”s DyadBA3 module, which supports both AVRCP and A2DP Bluetooth audio profiles and uses the world”s most efficient stereo amplifier, the HiAS2002. The system is powered by three 2200mAh Li-ion batteries and charged via a micro-USB connection.

The reference platform consumes less than 300mW during typical playback and its onboard HiWave HiAS2002 (Audium) amplifier is able to switch voltage rails to reproduce peaks without any detectable artefacts. The system automatically enters standby when not in use and waking, device pairing and battery check are controlled via the Endfire”s volume control dial.

The HiAS2002″s low power architecture and low quiescent power consumption means it uses a 10th of the power versus the next best amplifier topology (Class D) and delivers several hours of additional playback.

“Endfire highlights what”s possible using our DyadBA3 module and BMR speaker drivers,” said James Lewis, CEO of HiWave. “It lets speaker manufacturers rapidly develop high-power wireless speakers that exceed users playback time requirements.”

The Endfire reference platform is available for demonstrations immediately with the DyadBA3 module. The HiAS2002 amplifier IC and BMR speaker drivers are all available immediately in high-volume quantities from HiWave.



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