EMKA rod lock systems maximise cabinet sealing and door utility

EMKA Rod Lock systems maximise cabinet sealing and door utility

EMKA rod locking systems operate with traditional round or new flat rod designs sited within the door gasket area where they enable multi-point closure for optimal gasket pull-down. They can help in achieving IP65 levels or higher if matched with a suitable lock mechanism from EMKA’s modular program of swinghandles, quarter-turns and traditional L/T handles.

The EMKA system maximises usable door space by virtue of its narrow design whereby rod fixings and actuators are slimmed down to fit close to the door margin, thus freeing up the remaining area.

Round and flat rods are quickly installed by use of easy clip-in rod guides. Typically round rod systems enable 2 or 3 point closure, whereas the EMKA flat rod design incorporates the possibility of additional closure points along their length which is especially useful on very tall cabinets.


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