Embedded World: i-sft offers thermal optimisation for displays from every manufacturer

German company i-sft converts displays from every manufacturer so they will deliver the same luminance and light distribution while the heat output is significantly reduced, in best cases by half. With this service, the experience of i-sft’s experts in displays and technologies is exclusively offered to industrial distributors, value added resellers, system integrators, and other companies involved in B2B distribution. Using i-sft as their extended workbench, they can market the thermally optimised units as an addition to their own portfolios. At Embedded World 2015, Ruediger Simon from i-sft will already meet with the first users of this service. 

Excessive heat development is one of the biggest problems in embedded design. Technology by i-sft makes it possible to reduce the heat output of a display unit from 50 watts to 25 watts, for example, while the luminance remains unchanged. This equates to a 100% increase in efficiency. 

A service provider with more than 20 years’ experience in the development and repair of display installations, i-sft knows many of the errors caused by excessive thermal load from their own analysis and has developed suitable solutions. In order to thermally optimise display specifically for the embedded market, i-sft now offers these solutions to all companies involved in distribution for this market.

The solutions developed by i-sft harness elemental physical processes. Therefore, they are not limited to specific designs by any particular manufacturer. After the conversion, i-sft puts the optimised display units back into their original housings. Past experience has shown that the vast majority of displays designed for projects in the capital goods sector are suitable for such modification.

Typical embedded applications that can benefit from displays with reduced heat development include PIDs (public information displays), devices for medical diagnosis such as ultrasonic systems, service and charge columns (kiosks), industrial PCs, human-machine interfaces, and many more.

The work of i-sft in the field of displays and technologies is guided by the motto ‘coaching – solving – products.’ On its video channels, the company presents information about the services that are respectively summed up by the terms ‘coaching’ (http://youtu.be/AnJfIrwac00), ‘solving’ (http://youtu.be/bDn5Z5jp1ug), and ‘products’ (http://youtu.be/TfYKMYx-L-A).

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