Elo expands zero-bezel SAW touch technology portfolio

Elo Touch Solutions (Elo) has expanded its zero-bezel surface acoustic wave (SAW) touch technology portfolio to include open-frame touchmonitors. The new 2440L 24-inch open-frame touchmonitor features a patented IntelliTouch ZB/iTouch true flat touch sensor which integrates easily with the modern industrial design and architecture being deployed by airlines, casinos, hotels, restaurants and retail stores.

A compact form factor, energy-saving LED panel, full HD resolution and clear glass optical clarity combine to deliver a professional-grade touch screen built for continuous use in public environments.

“Elo continues to execute against a larger strategy to refresh and expand our core touchmonitor portfolio,” said Craig Witsoe, CEO Elo Touch Solutions. “Our latest 2440L delivers 24-inches of widescreen interactive digital application space in the height of a traditional 19-inch touch screen.”

The Elo 2440L open-frame touchscreen enables kiosk, gaming machine, hospitality and retail display companies to cost-effectively integrate transactional single-touch or interactive multi-touch capabilities into ticketing machines, self-serve kiosks, point of sale terminals and digital signage solutions. The 2440L is available with IntelliTouch micro-bezel (SAW), IntelliTouch ZB/iTouch zero-bezel (SAW) or IntelliTouch Pro projected capacitive (PCAP) flat glass technology.

The stable, drift-free operation of SAW touchscreen technology provides an accurate touch response measured on 3 axes using a finger, gloved hand or passive stylus. Elo’s sensitive touch response recognises location and amount of pressure applied. Elo has tested its IntelliTouch and iTouch SAW touchscreens to more than 50 million touches in one location without failure using a stylus simulating a finger. The graphics quality and colours of HD resolution software applications are preserved based on the optical clarity of SAW clear glass touch technology.

The new 2440L implements the latest patent out of over 400 active patents Elo holds worldwide. The United States Patent and Trademark Office issued this patent 8,576,202 in 2013 to Elo for a bezel-less acoustic touch apparatus that provides a substrate capable of propagating surface acoustic waves. In other words – a patent for touch screens using zero-bezel, flat glass surface acoustic wave technology (SAW).



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