element14.com’s Tech Journal Edition 12 available for download

Farnell element14 and element14.com, the community for engineers, have published the latest edition of the online magazine, Tech Journal. In this edition, element14 aims to help users understand Artificial Intelligence (AI), how AI relates to the Internet of Things and what benefits they bring together at all levels to the Industry 4.0.

By downloading the magazine, readers can:

  • learn how Industry 4.0 can help to handle complexity with simplicity with smart machines and the key components of a smart factory
  • explore the role of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and Robotics in industrial automation
  • learn to identify the appropriate sensor solutions for greater productivity and improved return on investment
  • learn about available wireless connectivity solutions and the best-suited network topologies for different kinds of Industrial Internet of Things applications

The magazine also takes a peek at the challenges ‘bricks & mortar’ retailers are facing from the online world and how they are evolving with smart retailing, fuelled by a wide variety of powerful technologies and ecosystems.

Cliff Ortmeyer, global head of solutions development for Farnell element14, and editor of Tech Journal said: “We are witnessing one of the greatest revolutions in all of human history – a revolution driven by artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things – thanks to increasingly miniaturised computers, affordable sensors, ubiquitous networking, and the increasing availability of “smart” devices around the world. Increasing amounts of data from smart devices leads to better-informed decision making with algorithms being continuously improved either by analysts or automatically through machine learning. With all the possibilities for innovation, it’s important businesses have the confidence to engage and incorporate these new technologies into their R&D strategy – to not do so may give their competition an advantage in terms of not only product differentiation but in productivity as well.”

The Tech Journal is available for download by members of the element14 community.  To register as a member of the community or download the magazine, visit http://element14.com/TechJournal


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