Electrolube showcase new protection solutions at LED Professional Symposium +Expo LpS 2018

Electrolube, the global manufacturer of specialist electro-chemicals, will exhibit for the first time at the 8th International LED Professional Symposium +Expo (LpS 2018), which will be held at the Opera House, Bregenz, in Austria from the 25-27 September. Electrolube has a growing reputation for helping to improve capabilitieswithin theLED industry by providing thermal management materials, encapsulation resins and conformal coatings that offer superior performance in any environment, such as high humidity, chemical exposure, salt mist or corrosive gases.

Electrolube is at theforefront of developing specialist chemistries specifically for theLED industry and with their state-of-the-art in-house testing facilities. LED manufacturershave come to rely on the brand as a trusted resource for products that perform first time, every time, including key areas such ascolour and luminance changes. New protection products that have created a lot of interest globally will be highlighted on Electrolube’s stands, N1 and N2, where the resident team of experts will be able to answer any product and application queries that visitors may have.

Products on show include Electrolube’s innovative new optically clear, flame retardant resin, UR5641, which is very different from other resins that claim to be flame retardant and transparent. UR5641 is completely transparent when cured and does not contain any fillers. It has the additional benefit of being halogen free and because it is based upon aliphatic urethane chemistry and is naturally resistant to the yellowing effects of natural light, making it useful for both exterior as well as interior applications. UR5641 is a two-part, semi-rigid, optically clear, flame retardant polyurethane resin that cures within 24 hours and meets the UL94 V-0 standard. It is a highly durable low viscosity system that can be used for a wide variety of applications and is eminently suitable for the protection of LED luminaires exposed to hazardous atmospheres. Such applications include emergency lighting and lighting intended for installation in ATEX rated/zoned environments.

In addition to offering clear products with high clarity, Electrolube can also offer solutions such as the Light Diffusing Polyurethane resin UR5635, which offers both light dissipation and protection of the LED in one package, eliminating the need for diffuser covers in some applications. The two-part, semi-rigid polyurethane resin has a cloudy appearance that offers a unique light diffusion effect which has seen UR5635 used to great success as an LED resin for both decorative and protective applications. It exhibits superb water and weather resistance, as well as good resistance to acids and alkalis, making it suitable for a wide range of environments and an extremely durable potting compound. It is also resistant to UV light making it especially useful as an outdoor LED encapsulant for use in other applications where it may be exposed to direct sunlight.

One of Electrolube’s best-selling thermal management products will also be on show. The HTCPX (Non-Silicone Heat Transfer Compound Plus Xtra) provides a high level of thermal conductivity (3.40 W/m.K) together with the advantage of using non-silicone base oil. The exceptional properties obtained from HTCPX are due to the novel use of various metal oxide (ceramic) powders. These materials are electrically insulative to ensure that leakage currents cannot form if the paste is exposed to other parts of the assembly. The product does not contain silicones and therefore cannot migrate onto electrical contacts with consequent high contact resistance, arcing or mechanical wear.

TPM550 is one of Electrolube’s latest high-performance thermal interface material innovations. It is a phase change material, which means that when it reaches its ‘activation’ temperature of 45°C it changes state to become a lower viscosity material, minimising the contact thermal resistance and improving the thermal conductivity. Once it cools, it reverts back to its original state. TPM550 is easy to apply via screen and stencil printing, containing a small amount of solvent which evaporates once it has been applied to partially cure the material in place. The TPM550 phase change material allows for a vast array of application scenarios and has an exceptionally high thermal conductivity value of 5.5W/m.K. maintaining high performance through a wide operating temperature range.

Electrolube’s AFA is an optically clear conformal coating ideally suited for use as an LED coating. The AFA (Aromatic Free Acrylic) coating boasts superb properties, maintaining excellent clarity, with minimal colour temperature shift after prolonged UV exposure. Providing excellent protection in humid environments and flexibility over a wide operating temperature range, AFA also contains a UV trace for inspection of the PCB after coating to ensure complete and even coverage. The coating is also available in pre-mixed versions for atomised spray applicators (AFA-S) and in-line selective coating machines as well as non-atomised film coating applicators (AFA-F).


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