EarthLCD Introduces the Pi-Raq, An open source Raspberry Pi Based 1U Rack Mount Internet Appliance With the World’s Only 10″ x 1″ TFT the recognized leader in smart, touch LCDs announced earlier the introduction of the worlds’ first 10 inch by 1 inch TFT LCD targeted at 1U rack mount internet appliances such as network analyzers, audio gear, video, audio controllers, and music servers. Following this, CEO, Randy Schafer, presented the idea of a 1U Rack Mount Open Source appliance that would enclose this very unique TFT LCD.  In order to get the 10” by 1” smart TFT LCD rapidly designed in, EarthLCD took an unprecedented step of achieving not just a reference design, but completing an open-source design which includes packaging, software and firmware to build a 1U rack mount appliance. 

The Pi-Raq has a powder coated sheet metal enclosure holding a Raspberry Pi B+ with an EarthLCD 10×1 LCD adapter board, the EarthLCD-10.4-1024100 TFT color display, and a user interface control utilizing a jog wheel. The Solid works files are included for this metal enclosure along with the schematic and gerber for the LCD driver.  With the innovation of the Pi-Raq and existing EarthLCD 10×1 display, Rack mount equipment, such as power controllers, network hubs and routers, can now have an easily programmable front panel with color TFT LCD.

Running Debian Linux opens up the Pi-Raq standard network analyzer software, music servers and numerous open source applications to be ported to the Pi-Raq. The 4 USB ports and a 100 Mhz Ethernet Port allow for expanded network and I/O connectivity.  The Pi-Raq operates off 8 Volts D.C.   Using the Pi-Raq design will save customers months of design time and thousands of dollars and allow them to introduce a product rapidly.

Schafer said “Using the Raspberry Pi allows us to get this incredible display into potential users’ hands fast and allow them to design high value internet appliances very rapidly by just adding their software and application specific I/O via USB or I2C interfaces.”

The Pi-Raq files will be on Github by April 1st  and the Pi-Raq will also be available as a completed product for $249.00.  The EarthLCD 10×1 display is available for $89 sample quantities. 


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