EAO introduces stepper motors with integrated optical encoders

EAO Ltd has introduced a new series of stepper motors with built-on optical encoders that simplify and streamline the design of closed loop motion control systems typically found in equipment such as 3D printers and medical instrumentation.

Developed by Sanyo Denki, Sanmotion 2H2 Series 2-Phase Stepping Systems are available in frame sizes ranging from 35mm to 86mm and encoders from 200 to 1024 pulses per revolution. They combine precise positioning, high torque at low speed, stable stop and holdand easy control with the ability to directly monitor actual position, thereby closing the feedback loop and improving equipment safety and reliability.

In addition, use of a Sanmotion stepper/encoder combination will save the time and effort engineers expend in specifying and sourcing separate dual shaft motors and matching encoders and in the process eliminate the warranty risks associated with mechanically mounting and aligning an encoder on the body of a stepper motor.

Sanyo Denki Sanmotion Stepping Systems can also be supplied complete with all the relevant connection cables as fully tested sub-assemblies, and a range of matching stepper motor drivers are available. Selected products are now in stock at Farnell and RS Components.


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