Dynamic EMS on how to remain competitive in the UK landscape amidst a challenging and changing climate

In this article managing director and owner of Dynamic EMS, John Dignan, provides his views on the steps he believes Electronic Manufacturing Service Providers [EMS] should take to remain competitive within the UK landscape.

Reinvent your business

Manufacturers in the Western world have moved up the value chain to concentrate on more technically advanced industries or products. They compete with low wage economies by competing on meeting customer needs, and on innovation and flexibility.

John Dignan

In 2017, we strategically took part in several marketing and communication initiatives to position Dynamic EMS as more than a company focussed on Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) dedicated to a build-to-print model. This serviceas a standalone is no longer valid or competitive within the UK. China is becoming increasingly good at low volume/high mix production within the industrial sector, traditionally a sweet spot of the UK. There has been a global shift in manufacturing from West to East. The manufacturing sector is growing rapidly in India and China and has shrunk in most advanced economies

So, examine your business to evaluate where else you can add value along the production lifecycle and embed this service into your company’s DNA. Promote it well to change your target markets natural perception of your business.

Influence others by being a mentor

Over the past five years, innovation has been identified as one of the main drivers of growth.  This goes hand in hand with continuous reinvention, but also expands out to ensurethat, as a company, you are continuously connected to innovation and hubs of technology talent.

Offer your service as a supply chain consultant, after all the EMS industry is in its 60thyear, the same amount of time that Dynamic EMS has been operational, albeit under other brand names during this time. With over 60 years of experience, you have become experts inengineering, unmatched science boffins, technology gurus, and masters of the supplychain. Tell others your story. Education is key to addressing the skills gap shortage looming. We are part of an aginggeneration of technology talent, however,we are in an industry that does not attract the next generation.

We have found, by forging strong connections to governmental authorities, that we are doing our bit to change the market perception of electronics manufacturing in the UK. Gone are the days of sawdust on the floor and heavy labour-intensiveworking conditions. Today, through our open-door policy, local authorities, incubators, seed funders, universities, andcolleges are able to see manufacturing in action in 2018, and how we at Dynamic EMS, touch the technology of today with the innovators for tomorrow. It can be quite surprising for some to see the vast rangeof technology, from industrial large form factor equipment, through to handheld medical devices, robotic arms, Internet of Things (IoT) safety and security equipment.

So, whilst it is a competitive environment and the EMS business is cloaked in non-disclosure agreements, privacy policies and paranoia, it also helps to share. It’s my personal belief that there is enough Total Available Market (TAM) for us all to succeed and grow, but beyond that, perhaps we should continuously consider the health and well-being of the entire industry #BeDynamic #MakeItEasy.


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