Do you need Digital Power with next-generation capabilities?

Enabling sophisticated control algorithms operating at higher switching frequencies and Live Update Flash, Microchip”s 16-bit dsPIC33EP “GS” Digital Signal Controllers offer next-generation digital-power performance.

These dsPIC® DSCs consume up to 80% less power in any application and provide less than half the latency of the previous generation when used in a three-pole three-zero compensator.

In addition to exceptional performance for non-linear, predictive and adaptive control algorithms, the dsPIC33EP “GS” family offers higher integration and more features in packages which include the industry’s smallest digital power optimised DSC, 4 x 4 mm UQFN.

Development Tools:

Explore popular digital power-conversion topologies with the MPLAB® Starter Kit for Digital Power (DM330017-2)

Calculate the optimum compensator coefficients with the free Digital Compensator Design Tool

Use extensive online design resources which include: Compensator software libraries royalty-free dsPIC33 reference designs

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