DMTL samples smallest thin-film 10W 3dB directional couplers for wireless communications

Passive components design-in distributor DMTL has added to its high reliability component offering for the wireless communications industry with the introduction of what is claimed to be the smallest thin-film 10W 3dB directional couplers currently available.

According to DMTL, the new AVX DB0603N 3dB 90° couplers exhibit excellent high-frequency performance in ranges spanning 2000-6000MHz and are thought to be unique in their ability to provide 10W continuous RF power handling. As a result, they are ideally suited for balanced amplifiers and signal distribution in a broad range of wireless communications applications, including mobile communications, satellite TV, GPS devices and wireless LANs.

Utilizing Land Grid Array (LGA) packaging technology, these 10W 3dB directional couplers feature a very low profile, excellent solderability, and improved heat dissipation in addition to self-alignment during reflow.

Supplied on tape and reel, they are surface mountable and feature low loss, high isolation and a rugged construction.


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