DMTL has EP-Cap design kits for qualified users

DMTL has made available a limited number of engineering kits which will introduce designers to the features of Suncon’s EP-Cap polymer hybrid electrolytic capacitors. Designed to suit a wide range of commercial and high reliability applications including automotive, power supplies and metering systems, the EP-Cap is a polymer aluminium electrolytic capacitor with a hybrid cathode formed by combining an electrolyte and electro-conductive polymer with high conductivity.

EP-Cap capacitors feature rated voltages up to 125V and performance and reliability levels are maintained at temperatures up to 135ºC.

The capacitors feature a very low ESR at high frequencies when compared with conventional electrolytics while the structure of the hybrid cathode electrolyte allows EP-cap devices to have the same self-healing properties as traditional aluminium electrolytic capacitors.

EP-Cap devices are highly stable when exposed to temperature fluctuations and the range include models with operating temperatures ranging from -55 to +135ºC and load life ratings to 2000 hours. Voltage options are from 6.3 to 125VDC with capacitance values from 10 to 1000µF.

EP-Cap capacitors have dimensions ranging from 6.3mm diameter x 7.7mm long to 10mm x 12.5mm.

Suncon’s Aluminium Electrolytic capacitors are among the lowest-profile aluminium electrolytics available today and are ideal for the automotive industry as well as those applications where resistance to vibration, long life and high reliability are crucial.

Design kits can be obtained by contacting DMTL’s Peter Jones at


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