DK Thermal to distribute thermally conductive adhesive tapes from 3M

3M, the diversified technology company, has announced that DK Thermal Ltd has become a UK distributor of Thermally Conductive Adhesive Tapes from 3M as part of a growing network of partners focused on addressing the increasing demand for Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs). 

Thermally Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tapes provide a fast, simple and effective solution to transfer heat rapidly from electronic components to heat sinks and other cooling devices.  The tapes are particularly suitable for use in high power density applications: as devices continue to shrink in size yet become more powerful, the additional heat generated needs to be removed away from components and devices, otherwise performance may be impaired or equipment damaged. 

The tapes also provide reliable and flexible strong bonding, which removes the need for additional mechanical fasteners.  They are also easy and fast to apply and able to conform to uneven surfaces.  In addition, the 3M range features wet-out properties, which helps to support both thermal and mechanical performance. 

Commenting Simon Mitchell, 3M Key Account Manager, said, “DK Thermal has a reputation as a leading distributor of TIM products in the UK electronics market.  What 3M brings to the relationship is a range of advanced thermally conductive tapes that are ideal for a wide variety of applications such as heat sink mounting and thermal management for LED lighting.  The tapes are available in a range of options to suit different design demands.”

3M offers a full range of Thermal Interface Materials including a broad selection of Thermally Conductive Interface Pads, which through innovative 3M technology provide high levels of conductivity for the more demanding applications in the electronics industry.  These soft and conformable pads provide excellent gap filling, low assembled stress and a high degree of wet-out for more efficient heat transfer.


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