Distributors can help reduce costs for OEMs

GD Rectifiers talk to CIE about how customers are starting to use distributors for design expertise

More distributors are providing design support today to help OEM customers, ranging from maintaining data-rich websites complete with datasheets and reference designs to offering customers full-blown design services on a bespoke consultancy basis.

Purchasers at many OEMs often choose a select few distributors in certain countries/regions to have exclusive rights to their product lines, the distributor provides supply chain value and value-added services that can reduce cost and risk.

Many customers are now acknowledging that distributors have extensive design expertise and knowledge of the industry that it would be unreasonable not to fully utilise their skills. Distributors have a technical team that are well placed to answer questions on new designs or component requirements in designing a brand new product. Many OEMs are operating with smaller engineering teams and can sometimes lack the in-house technical expertise required for certain technologies.

Distributors have always been seen as an extension to a customer’s business, providing technical expertise, account management, securing the best possible prices from OEMs, holding stock and scheduling call-off orders. Over the past few months’ distributors have seen an increase in demand for design expertise from customers.

Paul Bentley, managing director at GD Rectifiers, said: “We are seeing some interesting enquiries develop from our recent marketing campaigns, a lot of these projects are specialising in new technologies and require our technical expertise. We are always happy to help customers with their projects and have seen quite a few exciting developments over the last six months.

“Distributors are becoming known as the go-to-market specialists because they are able to design bespoke solutions for customers. Customers demand a better product knowledge than what they did 10 years ago and there is more of a focus on localised engineering expertise today.

“GD Rectifiers offers a multitiered design service, from advice on obsolete parts to a full engineering solution for customer designs. By using us as a distributor, customers get hands on experience with OEMs products and how they can be used in applications. We work hard to bring customers the right products and solutions at the best prices.”


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