Display Technology given official UK Distribution rights for Tianma NLT

Display Technology Ltd are proud to announce we have been given the approval to support Tianma NLT’s TFT LCD range, following in the footsteps of NLT’s most successful European distributor Fortec AG.

NLT Technologies (previously known as the Display Operation Unit of NEC Corporation and became a joint venture with Shenzhen AVIC Optoelectronic Co in 2011) have more than 21 years’ experience in the AMLCD market and a wide product portfolio of modules up to a size of 21.3” in a range of resolutions. Well known for their quality and availability of supply, NLT has a wide area of manufacturing locations. Their products use a wide range of technologies including transflective, high brightness and touch/PCAP and are suitable for a wide range of environments.

The NLT range is a great addition to our long list of quality suppliers including the likes of AUO, Innolux, Mitsubishi and our UK based, award winning touch screen supplier Zytronic. NLT panels due to their high quality, lend themselves to our add value solutions. At Display Technology we sell solutions, not part numbers and we can offer a range of services for your own custom requirements. NLT panels are perfect for our in-house optical bonding service, VacuBond. Undertaken in a clean room facility, we have three Vacuum dry bonding machines (2 in Germany and 1 in the USA) offering zero defect bonding. Optical bonding increases high ambient light readability, improves toughness and eliminates air gaps for condensation. We can rapidly produce samples and our business is increasing at such a level, that the German clean room facility will increase by a third, with a target completion date of 2017.

We have tooled a number of different sized PCAP sensors and have the software tools allowing for in-house software development, giving an infinite of touch possibilities. Our infinite touch range is designed to give a true flat feel like that of modern day tablets and is available with a range of options. This includes rear ceramic screen printing, oversized shaped glass, radiused corners, and even holes for additional peripherals such as switches or thermal printers. The design is flexible to give you the perfect solution and we are able to engineer these bespoke designs based on any volume.

We have our own range of POS-Line open-frame and industrial monitors manufactured in our East Germany facility (Eisenach), where we specialise in bespoke designs. The POS-Line series of monitors (available in a size of 10.4” to 64.5”) are of an extremely high quality in order to meet the standards of the industrial sector. As a result, they are extremely suitable for interactive kiosks, digital signage and operation in machine control and process surveillance. These monitors can be installed in all kinds of situations and therefore can be used as a desktop or wall display with a frame, or as a built-in open frame monitor. We have supplied for a number of global companies, including Sony with a massive 11,000 piece installation. These designs were taken quickly and professionally, and where necessary we are able to undertake the appropriate safety testing to adhere to particular industry requirements.

At Display Technology we only supply A grade products and work with manufacturers directly. We also manufacture our own interface cards, controlling quality and continuity of supply. Our boards scale the input signal to the correct resolution and have a handy on-screen menu for adjusting brightness, auto adjust etc. Our first Prisma is now 16 years old and on its fourth generation with each new version designed to be compatible with previous versions.

We understand it is important for customers to have a good level of service and support when buying a product. Therefore we have application engineer support (office and field based) in the UK so that if you are having issues we can attend your site to assist. Software engineers are present in Germany and this means Prisma AD board firmware can be modified quickly. Each project will have an account manager who generally has an electronics background and is there to assist you through the stages of a project. We may not be able to answer every question straight away, but we always understand the question and have extended staff within the group to help.

Formed in 2001, Display Technology Ltd are the UK member of the Munich based Distec/Data Display Group. Specialising in LCD and associated products the group aims to offer broad line logistics with the flexibility of a specialist distributor. The focus has always been on offering a quality product and a professional service. This year’s recent merge with Fortec has given the group a combined turnover in excess of €80million. Also based near Munich, their most successful TFT line is NLT and the plan is to replicate this success in the UK.

For more information please use the following links to our website:

Tianma NLT – http://www.datadisplay-group.com/distribution/tft-displays/tianma-nlt/

POS-Line Range – http://www.datadisplay-group.com/industrial-monitors/industrial-display/pos-line/

Optical Bonding – http://www.datadisplay-group.com/opticalbonding

About Us – http://www.datadisplay-group.com/company/


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Web – www.displaytechnology.co.uk

Email – info@displaytechnology.co.uk

Tel – 01634 672755

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