Display Solutions’ success with sunlight readable stretch display range

Display Solutions has won a valuable contract to supply outdoor sunlight-readable stretch panel screens for a nationwide transport information project. The requirement was for a 24/7 outdoor sunlight readable screen with good longevity and ease of integration. Brendan O’Reilly, Product Manager for Display Solutions explains: “The combination of high brightness sunlight readability, an excellent size range and operational reliability makes the products ideal for even outdoor and rugged applications. Our close relationship with Litemax brings many exclusive benefits to our customers not least of which is the ability to create exactly what the customer wants, without compromising on performance. In terms of very high brightness and sunlight readability we offer an unbeatable portfolio which includes sizes from 6.4-60” with ultra-wide aspect ratios.”

The ultra-high-brightness products capture vivid colour even in the brightest of light making them suitable for many applications from retail to information projects. In addition to the much-enhanced sunlight readable capabilities, the monitors also feature high shock and vibration resistance for high traffic durability in even the busiest of environments as well as a slim 36.2 profile. Find out more at www.displaysolutions.co.uk or call 01480 411600.


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