Digi-Key trademarks “Prototype to Production”

Global distributor, Digi-Key Corporation, has announced that the company has received registered trademarks for the phrases, “Prototype to Production” and “From Prototype to Production”. The move marks the company’s move in developing and fine tuning an innovative distribution model in the electronic component industry.

“Over the past decade, we’ve been honing our “hybrid” global distribution model,” said Tony Harris, CMO for Digi-Key. “Shaped largely by global business dynamics and online consumer behaviour, this new model delivers a level of efficiency and economy of scale for both the design engineer and the purchaser. The uniqueness of our approach has now been deemed worthy of dedicated nomenclature and trademark registration”

“Industry dynamics have created both opportunities and challenges for distributors,” said Brett Fox, Touchstone Semiconductor CEO. “In response to changing customer demands, Digi-Key’s next generation model supports the entire lifecycle of a product. They’ve figured out how to leverage technology, processes, and people to expand the company’s excellence in delivering single part orders to high-mix, low-volume production orders.”

“Digi-Key’s leading-edge business model is unique in its ability and strength to support product from the design phase, through new product introduction runs and high-mix/low volume production,” said Digi-Key president, Mark Larson. “Our integration of “prototype to production” capabilities allows the engineer to engage long-term with a go-to partner and confidently maintain this engagement through production. Digi-Key has proven the possibility of having a relationship that spans from design to production while avoiding the complexities, inefficiencies, and risks of managing multiple partners.”


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