Digi-Key distributing Electric Imp hardware cards and modules

Digi-Key Corporation has signed a distribution agreement with Electric Imp, which offers a platform that combines a cloud service and hardware solution that makes it easy to connect devices to the Internet.

Available worldwide through Digi-Key are both versions of the Wi-Fi-enabled Imp hardware, the small user-removable card (imp001) and solder-down module (imp002). Inside each Imp is a powerful processor that runs the proprietary Imp OS, providing developers and manufacturers with seamless and reliable connectivity and the foundation to build advanced features and services within a variety of devices. The Imp platform also features a customizable API, allowing users to control their devices over the Internet and access external web services

“Connectivity is the name of the game in today’s technology-driven society,” noted Mark Zack, vice president, global semiconductor product at Digi-Key. “Electric Imp offers unique, easy-to-integrate connectivity solutions, and we are excited to provide this innovative product to our extensive customer base.”

“Electric Imp makes it easy to connect devices to the Internet through its cloud service and Imp hardware solution, and we are looking forward to utilizing the global reach of Digi-Key to offer the Imp product line to an expanding customer base throughout the world,” said William Podrasky, executive vice president, global sales and business development for Electric Imp.



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