Digi-Key and Lime Microsystems sign global distribution agreement

Digi-Key Corporation has signed a global distribution agreement with Lime Microsystems, manufacturers of field programmable RF (FP-RF) transceivers for the next generation of wireless broadband systems.

One of the first to come to market with a radio that has the capabilities to support a wide array of wireless protocols on a single chip, Lime Microsystems provides flexible radio designs for customers looking to integrate into SDR, Small Cell, and M2M applications in a very wide range of frequencies. Open source capability offers a large amount of support software and documentation available to the customer.

“Field programmable RF transceivers and open source RF boards are both novel concepts in the RF sector and Digi-Key”s in-depth knowledge of the relevant markets allows our technology to be fully exploited by a wide community of designers; so we”re delighted to have them on board,” said Ebrahim Bushehri, Lime Microsystems CEO. “Having a partner with such a wide portfolio of products also allows us to advance our Open Source concept, enabling users to take the freely available design files and edit them to create new designs using a vast array of components from Digi-Key.”

Lime works closely with industry partners to optimize RF and baseband solutions to ensure the ecosystem for the entire end equipment design is in place. Its partnerships help customers achieve high performance with lower device and manufacturing costs, less design resource and optimized inventory.

“The flexibility of a product is paramount for design engineers, and Lime Microsystems’ RF solutions offer an industry-leading ability to implement their devices into numerous applications,” said Mark Zack, Digi-Key’s vice president, global semiconductor product.



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