Digi Connect Sensor wireless gateway brings remote monitoring within reach

The challenges with remote monitoring – poor access or lack of power option – are well known. Solar panels are expensive; as is the cost of wiring. Local RF networks may work, but are cumbersome to deploy, while most companies can’t afford the specialized staff needed to manage such complex networks.

Faced with these obstacles, many organizations have not been able to logistically or economically install and support remote monitoring systems, even in their most critical process areas. The absence of monitoring increases operational costs and risks – and fundamentally lowers visibility into mission-critical operations.

Introducing Digi Connect® Sensor: a market-disruptive cellular gateway that provides wireless connectivity to large numbers of sensors and machines across traditionally inaccessible locations or vast distances where power is unavailable, too expensive or too difficult to route. The Digi Connect Sensor gateway brings remote sensing and monitoring to a broad marketplace of industrial IOT applications, such as Industry 4.0 and Smart Cities, not previously addressable by other solutions.


At last. Remote monitoring is now faster, easier, better.

Equally impressive, the internal battery not only powers itself, but also other external devices, eliminating the need for additional power sources – while low cellular data usage keeps recurring costs minimal and predictable. Digi Connect Sensor includes Digi Connect Wizard and Digi Device Cloud™ installation and management software, respectively, so even non-specialized personnel can install it and begin using it immediately.

The new gateway is packaged within a weatherproof NEMA 4 enclosure and is certified (ATEX Group 2 and UL Class 1 Division 2 ratings) for use in hazardous environments; with a battery life of two-to-three years under most circumstances. Digi Connect Sensor supports multiple I/O options for simultaneous connection to nearly any off-the-shelf flow, level, temperature or pressure sensor, including digital sensors, with a 4/20mA, Analog Voltage, Digital I/O or Pulsed output.

Digi Connect Sensor is one of the first cellular gateways approved for use on an LTE CAT 1 network, which is specifically designed for Internet of Things (IoT) and machine to machine (M2M) communications and will be the dominant M2M cellular protocol as 2G and 3G networks go offline. It comes with bundled cellular service, and is also available in 3G and 2G fallback models. With cellular connectivity at each sensor and low cellular data usage rates, Digi Connect Sensor eliminates the need to configure local wireless networks and makes it cost-effective for data backhaul.


A truly DIY solution that gives you more than a remote chance for success

Digi Connect Wizard, a mobile application for Android and iOS, is the first of its kind for a battery powered gateway. It not only assists installers with setup, but gives technicians instant feedback via Bluetooth of sensor values such as threshold and delta alarms, and replaces outdated LCD displays. Local users will get immediate status updates, on the level in a chemical tank for example, to help prevent environmental damage and related clean-up costs or fines.

Sensor data is sent to the Digi Device Cloud for easy integration into enterprise applications and can be accessed locally via the mobile app. Customers who need to expand oversight capabilities or increase operational efficiencies by monitoring a larger number of sensors can easily integrate data into existing applications or work with third-party applications. Additionally, for global organizations, a single version of the device can be deployed for operations requiring connectivity around the world.

Because remote monitoring has not been feasible due to lack of power options, inaccessibility issues or network complexity, many mission-critical processes have been relegated to haphazard manual monitoring methods, or worse, no monitoring at all. But now, owing to its economic design, long battery life and low data use, the Digi Connect Sensor delivers a unique and affordable solution for applications not achievable in the past. Additionally, this new wireless gateway will help keep technicians out of hazardous work zones, reduce operational costs because of fewer truck rolls and minimize environmental risks through early detection of leaks or spills.

The new Digi Connect Sensor wireless gateway, from Digi International, gives you more than a remote chance of success for any of your long-distance or previously inaccessible sensing and monitoring needs.


About Digi International

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