Dialog Semiconductor latest power supply IC can deliver 60W from a 40W design

Dialog Semiconductor has released a new iW1770 PrimAccurate primary-side controller that is able to offer a 60W peak power mode from a 40W supply, eliminating the need to oversize the power supply design and enabling compact, light-weight, high power density adapters for Ultrabooks, network devices and other home electronics products.

Conventional power supply designs must be sized to match the peak (maximum) power requirements of the system, which may be significantly higher than the normal system operating power. Dialog’s patent-pending peak power mode technology used in the iW1770 provides peak power higher than the maximum continuous output power for a pre-determined period of time, without the need to oversize the power supply transformer and output capacitors. This enables designers to produce higher power adapters that are the same size and cost as power supplies with a nominal rating of 40W.

 “Power supplies have a continuous output power range, on which the thermal and electrical design must be based,” explains Davin Lee, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Power Conversion Business Group at Dialog Semiconductor. “Instead of designing to match the peak power requirements of the system, the iW1770 lets designers create smaller, thinner and lighter-weight power supplies.”

 With an average output power range of 15W to 40W and the ability to handle peaks up to 60W, the iW1770 also offers less than 50mW no-load standby power consumption, fast dynamic load response and high efficiency. This allows power adapters to meet stringent global energy standards including the final 2014 U.S. DoE(1) and European CoC version 5, tier 2(2) regulations.

 The iW1770 includes a user-configurable, five-level cable drop compensation option to eliminate the ordering and inventory challenges of stocking multiple product versions for various output voltage needs. It comes in a standard, low-cost, 8-lead SOIC package and provides full protection from fault conditions, including output short-circuit, output over-voltage, output over-current and over-temperature protection.


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