Dialog Semiconductor introduces first USB-PD interface IC optimised for power supplies

Dialog Semiconductor plc, a provider of highly integrated power management, AC/DC power conversion, charging, and Bluetooth low energy technology, has unveiled iW656, the market’s first state machine based USB Power Delivery (USB-PD) interface IC. The device allows designers to develop standards compliant, highly efficient designs that charge fast and deliver high power density for small form factor travel adapters. Supporting rapid charge applications in AC/DC adapters for smartphones, tablets and other portable computing devices, the iW656 is compatible with the latest USB Type-C standard. 


Designed specifically to meet consumer demands for today’s travel adapters, Dialog’s state machine-based controller allows for far simpler adapter designs compared to that of traditional microcontroller unit (MCU)-based solutions. While other solutions typically require many external components, the iW656 was designed to support smaller, more compact designs, requiring far fewer components, as well as leveraging the inherent lower costs and simplicity of state machine-based ICs. Applications can take full advantage of the power of USB-PD, a technology that can support higher power demands and faster charging for compatible devices compared to previous USB charging technologies. 


The new USB-PD IC has been designed to pair seamlessly with Dialog’s market-leading AC/DC controller ICs, creating complete optimised Dialog adapter chipset solutions. The iW656 also supports other fast charge protocols, including Samsung Adaptive Fast Charge (AFC) and Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0.  


“Dialog is the market leader across all forms of fast charging,” said Davin Lee, senior vice president and general manager, Power Conversion, Dialog. “With an estimated 70 per cent market share in the mobile space, it continues to meet the increasing charging demands of tomorrow’s devices. Currently we see adoption of USB-PD as the next mobile adapter trend, and believe our latest iW656 perfectly meets the needs of USB-PD. The current market offering of MCU-based controllers bring too much complexity to adapters that are required to shrink in size, but yet deliver more power with each generation. This is the first USB-PD interface IC designed from the ground up for travel adapters, offering a simplified design and lower cost while powering rapid charging applications in mobile devices.” 



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