Dialog Semiconductor completes smartphone high voltage direct charging solution with latest power converter series

Dialog Semiconductor plc, a provider of highly integrated power management, AC/DC power conversion, charging, and Bluetooth low energy technology, unveiled the DA9318 series, the company’s latest power converter ICs for its recently launched family of high efficiency charging products. The DA9318 delivers far greater fast charging efficiency, addressing the increasing demands on charging batteries for today’s latest smartphones. Together with Dialog’s RapidCharge™ AC/DC power conversion chipsets, the DA9318 converters complete Dialog’s wall-to-battery solution and provides breakthrough efficiency in high-voltage direct charging. 


A crucial advantage of the DA9318 series is its outstanding high efficiency of up to 98 per cent, minimising power and heat dissipation, making compact consumer applications safer. Unlike existing direct charging topologies, which use low voltage and force the full charging current to run over the cable, the converters high efficiency allows for a 6 A charging current to be achieved over a standard 3 A USB cable. This simultaneously doubles power and drastically reduces costs by up to 35 per cent for fast-charging applications. There are two variants of the product, the DA9318L provides up to 8 A and the DA9318M variant provides up to 10 A charging current to support 35 W and 44 W of charging power, respectively.


The innovative, patent-pending concept is the first of its kind in the marketplace, and is well-suited to address the design challenges associated with the increased capacity batteries seen in today’s smart devices. With batteries in smartphones approaching upwards of 4,000 mAh to provide longer battery life for greater computing power, manufacturers are increasingly looking for advanced solutions to deliver efficient, safe fast charging with low heat dissipation. The DA9318 variants include comprehensive safety and protection features to guarantee end-to-end system safety, from the travel adapter to the smartphone battery. 


“Dialog’s technological leadership in fast charging has allowed us to launch the first-of-its-kind power converters with the DA9318 charger series” said Udo Kratz, senior vice-president and general manager, Mobile Systems Business Unit, Dialog Semiconductor. “Combined with our iW656 USB-PD power adapter interface IC, Dialog now offers a complete wall-to-battery solution with breakthrough efficiency and impressive cost savings for fast charging. What’s more, our increased efficiency and more than 18 integrated safety features keep heat dissipation down and enable safer consumer applications.”



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