Delta introduces M30A Flex inverter for use in PV plants on commerical buildings

Delta, a specialist in power and thermal management solutions, has launched the multi-MPPT M30A Flex inverter with an output of 33 kVA. The new inverter is an extension to the Flex series, with its design concept inherited making the series compatible and reliable. The M30A Flex addresses the needs of the rapidly growing market for rooftop installations: compact, lightweight, quiet in operation and easy to install. With these qualities, the inverter is suitable for installations in commercial buildings but also for larger residential houses. In addition, outdoor installations are also possible thanks to its IP66 protection and an operating temperature range of -25 to +50 ºC.

“Delta’s M30A Flex has three MPP trackers and is cooled exclusively by natural convection. This makes it ideal for commercial buildings with complex roofs where low noise is a requirement,” Patrick Schahl, product manager of PVI Business Unit, Delta Electronics EMEA Region, said. “Aside from the technical features, customers value the importance of plant-relevant operating data, to understand their own carbon footprint, for example. Delta has extended the MyDeltaSolar app functionality and integrated a Wi-Fi module into the inverters that enables a direct connection to a smartphone or a WLAN router.”

Three MPP trackers with two string inputs each and an input voltage range of 200 to 1000 VDC ensure optimum energy yield thus, string fuses are not required. The three-phase inverter operates reliably and efficiently even at temperatures up to +50 ºC. To further increase reliability and prevent operational failures due to adverse installation conditions, the inverter is equipped with several key features: maximum voltage withstand up to 1100 VDC, arc fault detection and reverse polarity protection. The built-in anti-PID function prevents voltage-induced power degradation in crystalline solar cells, thereby extending its service life. In addition, replaceable AC and DC type 2 surge protection devices (SPD) are integrated.

Installers benefit from the revised design and the low weight of about 40 kg. The mounting plate and AC and DC connectors are included.

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