DATA MODUL presents 55-inch UHD2 display for digital signage applications

DATA MODUL, a provider of display, touch, embedded, monitor and panel PC solutions, has expanded its digital signage portfolio and presents a new 55-inch UHD screen (DM550WUHD2225-0-0-DM-B01), which is designed, developed and manufactured completely in-house. The high resolution and brightness as well as its slim design, make the monitor ideal for digital signage applications.

“The attractive design and maintenance-free concept in combination with the energy-efficient software features and the consistently good readability make the display particularly well suited for applications in areas such as the tourism industry or transport sector,” explains Kevin Schmidt, product manager system & signage solutions at DATA MODUL. “Also, the display is robust and easy to clean, thanks to the powder-coated aluminium housing and can therefore also be used in heavily frequented locations without any problems.”

With its UHD resolution (3840×2160 pixels) and a brightness of 700cd/m², the display enables an impressive image quality and readability of content even in bright environments and in direct sunlight. The monitor is controlled by DATA MODUL’s own eMotion UHD2 scaler card. In addition to an extremely flexible connectivity – thanks to 2x HDMI and DisplayPort interfaces – this embedded platform also supports the use of a wide range of additional features.

With the additional features, the new 55-inch display offers functions such as an intelligent ambient light sensor (ALC / Ambient Light Control), Backlight Life Time Expansion, Display Performance Monitoring (DPM) or Pixel Shifting (PXS). The smart ambient light sensor, for example, automatically adjusts the screen brightness to the ambient brightness and thus not only enables an optimal user experience, but also helps in reducing power consumption. This in turn contributes to an increased lifespan and reduced energy costs.

The Life Time Expansion feature monitors the temperatures inside the monitor and ensures that the brightness of the TFT backlight is reduced if a defined temperature threshold value is permanently exceeded. This reduces the internal temperature of the device, thus extending its service life.

Furthermore, the function of the TFT component can be continuously monitored with the help of the so-called Display Performance Monitoring (DPM). The integrated DPM ensures increased efficiency; in particular in the event of a malfunction, the monitor will first attempt to rectify the fault by automatically restarting. If this is not successful, the device can automatically send a corresponding error message to a predefined address, so that maintenance personnel is directly informed about a malfunction. Time-consuming and costly routine checks by maintenance personnel are therefore no longer necessary. Pixel Shifting (PXS) is another feature that helps to maintain the display’s high image quality. This in particular prevents static image content from burning in, by cyclically shifting the displayed content by a few pixels.

The monitor also meets the latest requirements in terms of device safety according to EN62368-1 as well as low power consumption according to Commission Regulation (EU) 2019/2021 (EU Ecodesign Directive).

The 55-inch UHD2 display is now available and can be customised on request.




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