CyboEnergy releases the world’s first battery-less off-grid solar inverter for air conditioners

CyboEnergy, Inc., the developer of the world”s first solar power Mini-Inverter that possesses the key merits of both central inverters and microinverters, announced today that the company has released a family of off-grid and on/off-grid CyboInverters that can run Inverter-Air-Conditioners (IAC) without batteries. New product spec sheets are released and downloadable from


CyboEnergy CEO Dr. George Cheng said: ‘Inverter-Air-Conditioners (IAC) are becoming more popular. They can start with small amounts of surge power; therefore, our special off-grid CyboInverters can run these air conditioners with just solar panels. No battery is required. We believe off-grid solar air-conditioning has huge market potential in many parts of the world where the electric grid is poor or there is no electricity.’

The graphic above shows a 4-channel 1.2KW off-grid CyboInverter that directly connects to four 250W to 330W solar panels with MC-4 connectors. It can run a 9000 to 12000 Btu IAC. The graphic below shows an off-grid CyboInverter Twin-Pack that connects to eight solar panels and can run an 18000 to 24000 Btu IAC or multiple smaller IACs. Solar panels and CyboInverters can be installed on the roof with ‘plug-and-play’ installation. The AC output wire runs down to connect to the IAC. Since the system is so simple and easy to install, the total system cost is affordable, especially as the solar panel price has dropped substantially. Most off-grid inverters on the market require batteries to operate. This battery-less solar air conditioning system is unique, cost effective, and can work in high temperature and high humidity areas.


The following table lists the off-grid and on/off-grid CyboInverters that are specially designed to run Inverter-Air-Conditioners with different AC standard around the world. CyboInverters are patented, UL1741 certified, NEMA 6 rated, and made in the USA.


Type Model AC Output Region
Off-Grid CIM-1000Nx 120V, 60Hz USA, Canada, Mexico
Off-Grid CIM-1000Rx 230V, 60Hz USA, Canada, Mexico
Off-Grid CIM-1000Sx 220V, 50Hz China, Most Asian Countries
Off-Grid CIM-1000Tx 230V, 50Hz Europe, India, Most African Countries
Off-Grid CIM-1000Wx 220V, 60Hz Brazil, Peru, Philippines, Saudi Arabia
On/Off-Grid CIM-1200A/Rx 240V / 230V, 60Hz USA, Canada, Mexico


The On/Off-Grid CyboInverter listed on the table is useful in areas where the electric grid is unstable or poor weather conditions can take the grid down for days. It can be switched to off-grid mode automatically when the grid is down to run an IAC, lights, fans, and phone chargers.

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