Customize your TFT displays

Have you searched through the many TFT displays available and still can’t find the right solution? A customized option could be the right one for you.

The TFT substrate itself is very expensive to tool up, so a standard size and resolution will be required which we can customize as follows:

  • Need a higher brightness? we can tune the backlight unit to meet your requirement
  • FPC interconnection a problem? If the FPC is too short or just not in the right position, we can easily make another FPC to match your design
  • Interface problems? An RGB interface or the additional voltages needed to drive the display may not be right for you. We can add functionality with a higher integration of interface and power management.
  • Need an additional touch panel? Depending upon the final construction we can laminate touch panels and TFT substrates for better sunlight readability and impact resistance
  • Mechanical mounting missing any easy mounting holes? We can redesign the bezel for easy integration with your mechanical design
  • Need an ITO heater or EMC mesh? We can integrate

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