Custom Board to Board Connectors

GradConn offer a bespoke board to board connector service.  With vast experience of offering custom products, we have the skills and staff to turn your design concept into reality.

Options include:

  • Custom PCB header lead lengths
  • Custom SMT lead lengths
  • Blanked socket cavities & headers with missing pins
  • Non standard height insulators
  • Kinked or bladed pins
  • Selectively longer pins
  • Angled header pins
  • Non standard pitch spacing

We also offer a fully bespoke connector design service, with fast turnaround at both engineering design stage and tooling construction.  Our component minimums, pricing, tooling costs and project volume thresholds will surprise you. offers functionality for you to upload sketches, drawings, 3d models, etc.

Whether your problem with board connectors is a concept design or a specific application problem contact your local GradConn office, we have expert staff to help!

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