CUI successfully deploys its software defined power solutions (ICE Block) to industry-leading data centre operators

CUI has announced that it has successfully deployed initial test units of its Intelligent Control of Energy (“ICE”) Block technology. Deployment of the units highlight ICE Block’s peak shaving capabilities and includes a new ICE Switch product that further unlocks power capacity for the customer. CUI and Virtual Power Systems (VPS) announced a partnership in 2016 for VPS’ ICE solution that brings the benefits of elastic power to data centres and sets a new standard for efficient power infrastructure.


The initial trial evaluations are being conducted by three key data centre market participants and respective leaders in their business segments:


·      One, a data centre and a Fortune 500 company, has its own data centre infrastructure in multiple states serving millions of consumer transactions and financial product portfolios across North America. This customer sees the peak shaving capabilities as an opportunity to install additional racks in its existing data centres and new data centres under construction. 


·      The second customer is a top-tier data center hardware provider and is evaluating the technology for peak shaving and using the switch as a platform to improve its customer value proposition.  


·      The third customer, a Fortune 100 company, is one of the largest providers of technology in the world, a backbone for all data centres, and is evaluating the ICE Block/VPS combination of technologies as a platform it will include in the solutions provided to its customer base. The products are expected to move into full production status later this year.


Matt McKenzie, president of CUI Inc., stated: “We are excited about the recent installations and the technical validation these deployments are bringing. We believe that this is a major step in the traction of this disruptive technology. We are looking forward to demonstrating further the advantages of the ICE platform with many more customers in the near future.”


Shankar Ramamurthy, VPS’s chief executive officer, commented: ‘Virtual Power Systems recently piloted ICE Blocks from CUI at one of the world’s most sophisticated data centers in Salt Lake City. CUI’s products performed flawlessly. CUI was able to take complex high density Lithium Ion Battery chemistry designs and turn them into working products at customer shelves in record time. We cannot be more excited with our partner, CUI, who combines engineering gravitas with high speed innovation.”

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